How to pose

Posing is different for different body types – there are things that look amazing on a size 8, 5’8” model, but look ridiculous on a 5’5” size 10 model (and vice versa). You need to figure out what looks good on you and what your angles are – forget the mirror shit. It makes the mirror into a crutch and you’ll never translate it into anything decent in a shoot – get a self timer, get a remote for your camera or get a friend to take pics of you, and practice. Constantly. All the fucking time. Look in magazines for inspiration, look at other models’ portfolios (but be warned, don’t rip off iconic poses if you can’t do them better!). There are some posts that all models have in their books, but some are so striking, people will instantly know where you’ve got it from.

Although it does differ, here are some pointers for literally every bodyshape:

  • Remember your fingers! If your pinkie goes wandering, you’ll ruin the shot. No, really. You will. Keep your hands under control and relaxed, and make sure the positioning doesn’t fuck up the lines of your overall pose. It’s all about lines. 
  • Get your chin angle right – too low and you look like you have no neck, and you’ll give yourself a double chin, too high and we’ll be looking up a snout. 
  • Don’t let your arms or legs squish – make sure there’s a gap between your body and your arms so they don’t look fat and disgusting. If you’re sitting, either perch on the edge, or sit back and lift at least one leg up (if naked) so that your thighs don’t spread. Spreadage is not model behaviour. 
  • Arch your back
  • Suck your gut in
  • You need to exaggerate things to make them look good – 9 times out of 10 (especially with art), if it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t look good. 
  • Remember your expressions – don’t get so hung up on your toes and arms that you forget your face, you need to connect with the camera!
  • Look at the camera like a person, not like an object – it’ll stop you having that stupid frightened bunny look. You look at people into their eyes – you look at chairs at the surface. Look into the eye of the camera. 

Here’s some inspiration:
From Artemis (easily one of the best posers on PS)

From Chrissie Red

From e-string

From Kayt

From Ruby

From Anna Evans

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