Nudity and modeling

There are a lot of mistaken beliefs about nudity and modeling – 2 main ones:
1) That ‘real’ models never get naked
2) That getting naked will get you rich and famous

Neither are true.

Lets tackle them one by one:

Real models never get naked

Natalia Vodianova

Sophie Dahl
Linda Evangelista

Lily Cole
Naomi Campbell
Kate Moss
You don’t get any more ‘real’ than those ladies, so fuck off with your prudish shit. People who come out with stuff like that tend to be those who wear socks with sandals (not in an ironic way), and think that Pizza Express is ‘upmarket’ (i.e. people who don’t know shit). 
There’s a lot of nudity in fashion, in modeling, in life – particular in Europe, where they’re not as hung up about that. Some signed, ‘real’ models won’t do nudes – true. Most will. It’s not a factor that divides real from not real. 
Now for the second one: getting naked will get you rich and famous.
This is largely sported by girls who want to be page 3 models and think that it will make them into the next Jordan. Short answer: no. No it won’t. You will be pigeonholed as a page 3 model, and won’t be able to get commercial work – and fashion girls will never be on page 3. Glamour doesn’t actually pay that well. People like Jordan and Alicia Duvall (I don’t know if that’s how you spell her name, I don’t give enough of a fuck about her to check) are rich because they’re celebrities – if you want that, fuck some footballers (preferably married), get a publicist and milk it for all its worth. Then make up more and more drama to sell rags like OK and Hello. No real modeling needed. 
In reality, if you’re an internet model and not signed, the likelihood is that you need to get naked if you want to make money. It won’t get you rich, it won’t make you famous, but it will get you more consistent work and increase your changes of paying the rent with this stuff. The key is context. Shooting nudes for Paradis magazine, for Playboy, for a spread in Love or even for an established and well-shot site is very different to getting yer tits out for a GWC who’ll use them for a wank later and boast to his mates (if he has any) that he paid a chick to get naked and took pics. Use your brain. Is it tasteful, will you be ashamed of the images when they’re on the internet, will it progress your career, will you regret it later? 
As with anything, do your research and be smart.

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