Guest post by Ruby Rosetta: Erotic modeling

Today’s post by erotic and art model, Ruby Rosetta, is one that I really enjoyed reading, and I hope that you will too. 
I thought I’d begin this discussion by pilfering a couple of definitions of the words ‘erotic’ and ‘erotica’ from



e·rot·ic  (-rtk)




1. Of or concerning sexual love and desire; amatory.


2. Tending to arouse sexual desire.


3. Dominated by sexual love or desire.



e·rot·i·ca  (-rt-k)


pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)


Literature or art intended to arouse sexual desire.



You will notice that the words ‘sexual’ and ‘desire’ are used quite frequently in the above definitions. This is because they are necessary factors for something to be defined as erotic. Put plainly, if you aren’t comfortable being represented as an object of sexual desire then you shouldn’t be doing erotic modeling.



In my opinion, an erotic image can be fully clothed and it can be full on porn. It is always subjective whether or not an image is erotic. But from a modeling point of view I think INTENTION is the most important thing. If a model is consciously trying to convey an erotic charge through her posing and through her expression, and if she effortlessly looks like sex on legs, then basically she’s doing a good job.



The above definitions imply that there also must be artistic intent behind erotica. This opens up a big can of worms…one man’s art is another man’s porn, etc etc. Yes, I do believe there is a difference between erotica and porn, some of the time, but a very vague, uncertain difference. Of course there are some models who will work with ‘erotic’ photographers but won’t work with ‘adult’ photographers, normally because they want to appear in images which aren’t solely designed to be wanked over, images which serve the purpose of being appreciated for their beauty and intrigue, rather than a means to sexual gratification. I completely understand this choice. Everyone has different comfort zones about the kind of image they feel happy appearing in, and the reason for the creation of the image. But sex is still sex, and if you do modeling with an erotic element to it, you are being portrayed as an object to be lusted over, regardless of the ‘quality’ on the image. You may be expressing yourself in a way that normally only your partner will see, but you are doing this in front if a stranger taking pictures that ANYONE can potentially see. The private suddenly becomes very public. If you don’t like this, don’t do it, regardless of whether you believe the resultant images will be porn, art, whatever.



Open Leg
Just thought I’d clear something up…opening your legs doesn’t automatically make you a good erotic model. There is something truly horrid about an open legged shot of a girl looking bored shitless. If you want to open your legs, that’s fine, but good grief try to look enthusiastic about it. Facial expression is everything in an open legged picture, and I can’t think of anything less attractive to the viewer than a bored, expressionless model.



If you are intending on revealing your vagina to the universe, have a good look at it in the mirror. I’m being deadly serious here…if you haven’t ever seen it (yes, I do believe that some of the less emancipated members of the female race haven’t), have a look. If you haven’t ever looked at it or don’t like the look of it, then how the hell can you expect to feel comfortable when it’s on the internet for everyone to look at? I doubt that would be the most comfortable introduction to your own muff…seeing it winking at you from a 6 page spread in razzle.



The vagina can certainly be a part of an erotic picture, but it doesn’t have to be, and it doesn’t MAKE the picture. Have a good look at the work of a decent adult photographer like Iain Thomson. The models look happy, sexy, graceful. They suck their gut in, they point their toes, they get into flexible dynamic poses. The sets are carefully prepared and coordinated with the model’s outfit. Basically, all the principles that make a photograph aesthetically pleasing still apply.





I think tension is the key in an erotic picture….when you arch your back, REALLY arch your back! When you stare into the camera, do it with as much intensity and passion as you can muster. Grab your boobs, pull your hair, make it look full on! This doesn’t mean you have to be ‘doing’ it for real. But try and make it look convincing. It is pointless having a hand hanging limply on your coochi snorcher (sorry, just had to use this terminology somewhere!), whilst staring nonchalantly into the distance, wondering what you’re having for tea. The key is to look smoking hot, and ACT like you MEAN it, even if deep down you are thinking of something totally unrelated.





What if Dad sees it?


This is an occupational hazard when you do any kind of modeling that is even a bit risqué… but when you are deliberately looking as horny as possible… well, I can’t think of many parents who would be too impressed.



The only advice I can give is to try and be discreet and a bit sensitive about the issue. You can tell your parents that you model, even that you model nude, but probably best to avoid telling them how pleased you are that you got onto femjoy, the most prestigious (naughty) nude site in the world! Also, if you borrow Daddy’s computer to look through images from that tasteful, highly sensual g/g shoot you did the other day…remember to click the delete button (sorry Dad!).



There are a few parents who would be ok with pretty much anything…but they are in a minority. I know for a fact that if my Dad saw some of my work it would completely break his heart. But then again, that wouldn’t be the only thing that would upset him. Sometimes you can’t please everyone…you just have to accept that you either do things you want to do even if they might hurt others, or just don’t do them! There is ALWAYS a chance that someone you know will stumble across images of you. There is ALWAYS a chance that a jealous ex will send images to your parents in the post. You have to accept that the risk is there. And if Dad does see it… all you can really do is try to assure him that the experience hasn’t hurt you in anyway (assuming you feel that you’ve made the right decision in the first place!).



Lastly…be proud!


People will always be creating sexual images and always have been…it is a timeless art form, and is something to be proud of. If you make the decision to be part of such imagery, be proud. Of course, be discreet… there are certain family members/friends who’d rather not have such images thrust in their face. I guess I’m talking about an inner feeling on contentment. If you feel happy, not just with the money you make but with the images you’ve helped create, then you’re onto a winner 🙂


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  1. This is possibly one of the best articles I've read on this particular subject and should be a reference point for any model contemplating this type of modelling.

  2. I knew this would be interesting, I always find these subjects interesting, even more so when it is written by someone with an art background? (I think) in this case also whom models this style, great article.

  3. Totally agree with Iain, there's little good info around for models who may want to shoot things like erotica, and the information models have shown me they've found has been rather out-dated/inaccurate.

  4.  Fantastic article! Like the others have said, there's so little information on this sort of thing. I love erotic photography and wish more people would read and understand what you've written here.

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