As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in a while…I know a swansong is meant to come before the death and not after, but I just logged into my twitter and hotmail and had so many lovely messages that I felt that I should really put something on here.

You guys rock. There’s a chance that a friend may be taking this over and will be the new Model Bitch, but this is my last post. I wish most of you well – the ones that give a fuck, and want to produce things of beauty (or at least intended ugliness, something that expresses what you are, or what you feel, or something about the human condition). To the rest of you – it’s so tempting at this point to make a ‘do not recommend’ list and leave it at that…I think I can resist that temptation, but you’re not really fooling anybody, and models talk.

I loved writing this blog. I loved modelling and the entire world of it. I loved people reading this and sending me messages – whether they agreed or not. While I thought I might have been jaded or cynical towards the industry when I started, I did want to affect some small change and educate people (entertain them too). I didn’t stop writing because I ran out of things to say, but rather because I didn’t really want to say them any more – the people that read this blog, that were gracious enough to add it to their facebook, to tweet it and tell other people to read it, you already ‘got it’, and thank you so much for your support – I’m staggered that it got so much, and that there are still hundreds of people a day visiting Model Bitch. Unfortunately, the people that don’t get it are getting more and more prevalent on modeling sites as popular and decent photographers and models either move away from them to other mediums, or just stop altogether. It’s sad to see our little communities falling apart, and there isn’t a single thing that is contributing to it, and I’m not bitch enough to think I have all the answers. I don’t want to write for those people – there’s no point. I’d love to change their views, I’d love them to just get the fuck out of an industry/hobby that I adore, but that’s not going to happen. I get my inspiration from forums, from newbies asking questions and from general curiosity and, I’ll admit, absurdity – there’s less and less of this around. I do hope it’s just a temporary blip, and something even better will rise out of the ashes in a new form. And I believe it will.

As for other adventures, I’m looking at cameras on eBay as I type this…

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