About Bitch

You know what they say – curiosity killed the cat. But you just had to click…

Who am I?
I’m an old timer with a vast knowledge of ‘the industry’, both on and off the net.I know agencies. I know shooting, I know how to get published and how to consistently book work. I know my shit.

What’s up with the blog?
There aren’t many quality, knowledgable and honest resources out there. I’m making one. For free. I’m cool like that.

Why are you anonymous?
Because this blog is about resources and knowledge, not my massive ego or my modeling career. The posts are based on my experience and knowledge, but it’s tranferable to any model out there.

Can I suggest posts?
Sure! Contact me if you have a question or subject in mind, or want to suggest someone for a focus.If you disagree with something I say (or agree), please use the comments – that’s what they’re there for.

Do you recommend photographers/models?
I can. I choose to do this via the ‘focus on’ posts – they show a few images of a model or photographer’s portfolio – they always have a good reputation and outstanding work. These will always have a link back to the person’s profile or website.

Do you critique?
I’m willing to do critiques – ask via the comments or contact me.

All critiques will be honest and public.