About agencies

How do I know if I’m suitable for agencies?
With the exception of glamour agencies like Samantha Bond and Girl Management, you need to be above 5’8” (at least) and between 14 and 21. Look at the requirements on the website, and look at their mainboard. If you fit the requirements, and look roughly similar to the girls on the mainboard, you might just stand a chance.

Which agencies should I approach?
Start with these. Do not waste time and money with:

  • ‘Agencies’ that place calls in newspapers
  • ‘Agencies’ on craigslist and gumtree
  • ‘Agencies’ that take women that aren’t standard (with the exception of some character agencies like UGLY)

How do I send in my pictures, and what will happen?
There are usually instructions on the agency websites, telling you how to submit images or some in to see them. DO NOT send in pictures that an internet photographer took of you, unless they frequently work with agencies – 90% of the time, they have no idea what agencies want and will actually ruin your chances. Just send in clear snapshots (a headshot and bodyshot in jeans and t-shirt, in natural light with minimal make up).

If the agency is interested, they’ll usually ask you to come in for a chat – that’s so that they can make sure you don’t look like a crackwhore in real life, and that you have basic social skills. Try to use words, don’t speak unless spoken to and generally be polite and you’ll do fine. Don’t wear too much make up – just put on jeans and a t-shirt, bring some heels in a bag. They may sign you on the spot. They may have to think about it and send you a letter. They may tell you that you’re not what they’re looking for.

This agency wants me to pay for photos – doesn’t that mean they’re a scam?
Not really. You need the beginnings of a book to book work, and agencies need to know that you behave well on set and that you photograph well. If you don’t have a book, you’ll get sent on a test shoot with an agency-recommended photographer. Sometimes, agencies will just take the money for this and comp cards out of your future earnings. Sometimes, you will have to pay upfront (£250-£450 is fairly standard). Bear in mind you’ll earn it back within 1-2 jobs, and it’s not that huge an investment to make.   

    Can I still make money if I’m not agency standard?
    Yes. There are plenty of places and ways you can still make money as a model, just not as much as a full-time agency chick. Read this blog and bathe in its wisdom.

    About internet modeling

    What are the standards for internet models?
    There are none. However, successful internet models are slim, toned, have good skin and take care of themselves. They’re usually pretty smart too, and organised. Don’t do it if you’re under 18, without the supervision of a parent though. Just don’t – you’re not an adult, even if you look and try to act like one.

    What kind of work can I get over the internet?
    You won’t be on the cover of Vogue. You won’t work for H&M, Chanel or any other large brand really. You won’t land the jobs with the £10,000 buy outs, the fame and the fortune. You can get a lot of glamour work (even stuff like Playboy), a lot of adult work, a lot of art model work and the odd lookbook, designer, hair contest. You can definitely still get published work, and you can still pay the rent with modeling.

    How much can I make with internet modeling?
    £250 for a full day (8 hours) is fairly standard for a good model. How much work you book, and how often you make that, depends entirely on you.

    There are a lot of scams and pervs on the internet though….
    Yes there are. Yes there are. That’s why you need a brain.

    How do I book work?
    Read through the blog, there are posts about the business of modeling, where to get paid work, and plenty of other useful tips on booking work, setting rates, marketing yourself and modeling in general.

    A lot of the models on MM and PS are naked – do I have to get naked too?
    If you want to book consistent work online…basically yes. There are a few that don’t, but they’re few and far between, and generally part-timers and hobbyists. Read this post on modeling and nudity. 

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    1. Would you be able to post some glamour agencies you think are reputible? I'm definetly never going to make it as a fashion model and glamour suits me, obviously there are loads that think they're agencies but I trust your advice. Oh and I was asked to go on Marks porn stars – I said the standard was a bit low for me….and yes, those images will never leave my mind.

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