Start Here

If you’re considering internet modelling, it’s relatively easy to take the first step;y ou just make an account on one of the many modelling sites out there. The next step isn’t quite so easy, which is why this page is here to help you figure that out.

Make a Modelling Profile

To create profiles and start replying to castings and networking, look into:
Model Mayhem (discussed here)
Purestorm (discussed here)
One Model Place
Net Portfolio
Net Model
Facebook (make a page)


Get Modelling Advice

To get some tips to start with read:
10 Tips
Modeling: The Business
Where to get paid work
Shit every model needs
Should I have a chaperone?

I have not discussed One Model Place, Net Portfolio or Net Model because I do not like them. Model Mayhem and Purestorm are the 2 most user-friendly sites out of the lot and generally the most active and popular. Model Mayhem is best for US models while Purestorm is probably best for the UK. In recent years, PurplePort has replaced Purestorm as the most active site in the UK, but I have not been active there and have therefore not created a post about it.

Work on Your Portfolio

Check out the focus on posts to see great photographers, and inspirational models.

Treat it Like a Business

When you’re starting out, it’s likely you’ll be modelling part time so it’s easy to treat it like some extra pocket money. If that’s all it is, good for you. If you actually want to be professional, full-time model, you’re going to have to do better. That means keeping on top of customer service, managing your accounts, paying the tax man on time, and maintaining a good reputation as well as a quality book. Read the Business Advice articles for a bit of help there.